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Rolling Basket

The Rolling Basket - Increase sales by up to 23%

The same design that has revolutionized airline luggage has been extended to the Rolling Basket and a new standard for shopping baskets has been set.

The Rolling Basket resembles a conventional plastic shopping basket and can be carried in the same hand-held fashion however when it becomes too full or heavy with purchases, it can be pulled along the floor with its featured wheels by the telescopic handle.

The Rolling Basket is not a replacement to the shopping trolley, it is an alternative to the shopping basket and its limitations. The Rolling Basket compliments the convenience of the conventional plastic or wire basket with those of shopping trolleys.
Research suggests that nearly 60% of customers stop shopping once a basket is full or weighs too much to be carried.

The Rolling Basket is 50% larger than the conventional shopping basket, and with the additional rolling function, shoppers will continue to shop in comfort no matter how much they buy. Although the Rolling Basket is larger, it is still lightweight and maneuverable as it glides around the store.

With the added rolling capacity, shoppers will continue to shop in comfort regardless of their purchase quantities. It is especially suited for stores where space for shopping trolleys is at a premium and large stores where traditional baskets become heavy and cumbersome.

Rolling Basket (pack of 10 baskets)