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Turn O Matic

In a busy retail environment, queue management is a vital aspect of customer service. Retailers need to provide a service that is fair, efficient and stress free for customers and staff alike. By reserving each customer’s place in line with a TurnOMatic ticket dispensing system and notifying them about how long they can expect to wait, shops become more pleasant and more profitable too. Figures show that up to 88% of customers prefer to carry on shopping while they wait for their ticket number to come up. Turn O Matic is the most used retail queue managment system on the market in retailing, banks, government offices, hospitals, airlines, and wherever else people wait for service. More than 250.000 Turn O Matic queue busters have been installed, and every year more than 600 million Turn O Matic tickets are dispensed in every kind of retail or service environment imaginable improving customer service and sales.